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marker 3 ~ Wynoochee Dam ~ WA ~  165 mi from PDX - 127 mi Sea-Tac.

The Wynoochee Dam is 28 miles north of Montesano, Washington. It is owned by the city of Aberdeen, Washington, and was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1972. The dam regulates the flow of the Wynoochee River, creating Wynoochee Lake.Tacoma Power created the Wynoochee Hydroelectric Project in 1994 by adding a hydroelectric facility to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Wynoochee River dam.

Wynoochee Lake is a 4.4 mile long, 11,000 acre reservoir on the upper Wynochee River, with a 16 miles of Lake Shore Trail. Approximately 37 miles west of Oylmpia on SR 8/SR12. Take FS 2270 to access the east side of the lake or FS 2294 to access the west side and campgrounds.

    GPS:   47.38541°N - 123.60535°W    or    47° 23' 07 " N - 123° 36' 19 " W

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