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Open Letter to Past DamTour Rider. . .


Many of you are experts at figuring out the hidden meaning of stuff we present. This is no different. We are now all PAST Damtour riders. This decision to stop DamTour was not an easy one for Cheryl or myself. We would both like to thank you for your past support and hope that you will continue the quest for the out of the way roads and places that DamTour has exposed all of us to over the years.

The reasons for this are many but mostly concern time demands by family for both Cheryl and myself. Both of us being unwilling to do a half assed job at the DamTour headquarters prompted our mutual decision to quit at the top.

We will both be on the road this coming riding season and hope to ride with as many of you as possible in future. Thanks again for helping to make DamTour the great adventure event that it was.


Steve Folkestad & Cheryll Malisch


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